Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Correct steps for anonymous access search results when using Content Deployment.

This tip is for administrators that have configured Content Deployment before. If you wish to content deploy content to an external public facing farm however you only want users to view anonymous search results (hide results that require authenication) then do the following:

- Delete any existing search crawls on the destination farm.
- Create a web application and blank site collection on the destination farm. Ensure you have the exact same features/solutions deployed from the source on the destination farm. (Ensure anonymous is disabled on the destination web app).
- Configure and execute a full content deployment to the new web app/site collection.
- Enable anonymous on the destination web app and inside the root site collection.
- Running a full crawl.

Once the full crawl has run successful visit the external site and you should now only see anonymous allowed results when running a search.

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